Paulette Binion

Paulette Binion, a medical practice manager for 10 years with over 28+ years of transcription experience, saw a growing need in her local community for a professional medical transcription company.

Through word-of-mouth endorsements by satisfied customers, the business quickly expanded and now encompasses clients in multiple states and numerous specialties. Paulette's two-fold goal for The Binion Group was to advance health data documentation for doctors/clinicians, as well as provide career opportunities with flexible hours for college students and parents wishing to work from home. 

As the healthcare industry moves closer to electronic medical records, The Binion Group is poised to assist doctors in their efforts to make the transition from handwritten or paper charts.


Emily (EC02) has been a medical transcriptionist since 1998. She has been with The Binion Group since its onset in 2005. 

She has a Masters in Education and owns the Houston branch of She and her husband, Daniel, welcomed their first child, Tanner, in November 2011. In her spare time, Emily performs at an improvisational comedy club--Comedy Sportz Houston. Her hobbies include reading and traveling.

Stephanie (SS06), 2006, discovered this opportunity while getting her Masters degree in social work and quickly fell in love with the service.  She worked in Child Protective Services for nearly two years while typing "on the side", but now loves working for BG full time because of the opportunities it has given her family.  

She has two children, so hobbies are pretty rare for her. When she does find spare time, Stephanie enjoys scrapbooking, reading, running 5K races, and playing with her kids. 

Kathy joined The Binion Group in 2011. Married for 41 years, she & her husband have one child and five grandchildren. She worked 29 years for Terrebonne Parish School Board as office manager in the Special Education Office and retired just after coming on board.
Besides spending time with her family, Kathy’s favorite hobbies include camping, reading, computers, Saints football and flower arranging.
"I find working for The Binion Group interesting, rewarding, and a great second career. My husband is retiring soon so working as a transcriptionist is a good excuse NOT to have to go fishing with him every day."


Christin (CR11), has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from LSU.  She teaches Computer Science by day, dance by night, and has managed to fit typing in somewhere inbetween since joining the BG in 2007.  She also performs regularly with Playmakers and other local theatre groups.  Her hobbies include reading, traveling with her husband, and watching way too much Discovery Health.  (Believe it or not, she is not BG02's twin, though they are good friends.)


Sherry (SR04)Sherry & her husband have owned and operated a dairy farm in Wisconsin for the past 36 years. Before they were married, she worked full time as a secretary in a medical office, mainly doing medical transcription, and has continued to work occasionally over the years in a medical office. They have three wonderful grown children--a daughter and two sons--and four awesome grandchildren--two girls and two boys. They also have a dog, Hooch, and two horses. 

Sherry enjoys reading, cooking, being outside working with the animals or in the yard, or hiking up to the pond, and she loves spending time with the kids and grandkids. In addition to typing for the Binion Group, she also milks about 30 cows every day! 

“Working for the Binion Group is all that I hoped it would be and more. It is exactly what I was looking for in a part-time job that would work well with the farm. The BEST part of all is that I’m able to help out with the grandkids. I remember being very nervous on that first day, until I heard a very warm, friendly voice on the other end of the phone!!”


Ellen (08) has been with BG since 2011. She previously worked as a secretary and expeditor for an oil field equipment company, and then as a catering secretary for the Marriott Hotel. She earned a certificate in medical transcription from San Jacinto College.
She is currently semi-retired with her husband of 35 years and enjoys working from home because “it gives me the flexibility to enjoy time with him as well as my four grandchildren.” Her hobbies include volunteering for an animal shelter, reading, and traveling. She lives in Pasadena, TX with her husband and two dogs, Duckie and Otto.

Grace(GU15) joined the team in April 2009.  She has a dual degree in Education and English Literature.  She was a stay-at-home Mom for 18 years before teaching for 10 years while her three children attended Baylor University, acquiring a grand total of *7* degrees between them. She and her husband will celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary this year.  She loves a challenge and is a stickler for details and accuracy!
"Having an opportunity to be a part of the Binion Group family is a privilege and challenge that I look forward to each day!  I love to travel with family and friends, and most importantly, being able to spend time with our amazing grandchildren!  Being a part of BG allows me the opportunity to remain productive, as well as being able to pack up my work and take it with me when an occasion to do so arises.  I thoroughly enjoy the challenges and "brainteasers" that await me each day.  I am very proud to be a part of such a highly respected team that offers nothing short of excellence to their clients."

Robin (RD16) joined The Binion Group in 2007.  Prior to that, she had worked for a local grocery store for 13 years doing everything from cashiering to accounting. She has been married for 16 years and is the mother of two gorgeous girls. 
"When I had the chance to do a job where I get to work from home, I jumped at it. It is just a bonus that I enjoy this. This job has given me the ability to have my girls involved in activities that they couldn't do before."  Robin enjoys reading, swimming with her girls, and takes camping trips on the weekends. She is also a member of a Mardi Gras carnival club.

Michelle (MB20) has a bachelor's degree in psychology with a minor in biology. She has worked in the field of psychology as a Life Skills counselor for schizophrenics and as a drug and alcohol counselor for troubled teens. She also received a teaching certificate and worked in special education as a middle school English teacher for 8 years. She is married and has 3 wonderful sons. She wanted to stay at home with her boys while still helping to provide for her family. She completed a two year training program in medical transcription and became a contractor with the Binion Group in 2009. She feels truly blessed to have found a job that she loves that allows her to be home with her children. Her hobbies are limited by her busy schedule, but she does love to scrapbook, take pictures, and spend quality time with her family.

Kristin (KM21) graduated with a BS in Psychology from LSU in 2002.  She has worked in the psychology field for 5+ years and also taught high school math for 2 years.  She currently works full time as a Psychometrist and Administrative Assistant, but hopes to work for BG full time someday.    Hobbies include reading, dancing (with BG11), singing in church choir, kickball, and relaxing whenever possible with her husband and their four cats.


Lisa (LA24) joined The Binion Group in 2009. Prior to that, she had been employed in the clerical field since 1994. Her hobbies include crocheting, playing the flute in the local Community Band, and cooking. 

"I enjoy the challenge of medical transcription and welcome the opportunity to enhance my skills. Being able to work from home has given me flexibility to spend time with my family.”


Julie (JB25) has been with BG since 2009. She is married with three children and one grandson. She has an Associate's Degree in Office Information Systems and worked for 22 years at a local hospital, 15 of which as a Certified Tumor Registrar. She now enjoys staying at home doing two things she enjoys most: medical transcription and taking care of her two youngest children.


Betsy (BR26) became affiliated with us in 2009 after moving to Dallas, TX.  She has a Bachelor's degree in Music Education and taught music for 2-1/2 years before getting married in 2009.  Her hobbies include reading and spending time with her husband, Mikey, and cat, Licorice.

Tamara, TG22, has been with The Binion Group since 2009. She previously worked in the finance industry as a bank officer and operations/bookkeeping supervisor, and her husband has been employed in the lead mining industry for 16 years. She and her husband have been married for 14 years, and they have three wonderful children together. Tamara and her family live in the country and enjoy camping, float trips, fishing, bonfires, and many other outdoor activities that provide quality family time. They also enjoy vacationing in the Florida Keys together each year over Christmas. "Working for TBG has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me, as it has allowed me to experience the countless blessings of being at home with my kids. I love the flexibility of medical transcription, and all of the exciting challenges it provides. I count it an honor and a privilege to be a part of The Binion Group family."

Amanda (AH10) joined the team in 2011. She has been married to her high school sweetheart since 2003, and they have two wonderful children, daughter Cadence and son Gage.
As a family, they enjoy the simple things: taking walks, riding bikes, and spending time outside playing in the yard. For five years, she commuted one hour each way to her job as a receptionist for two surgeons. She enjoyed the challenges and fast pace of the job, but after their second child was born, found the time away from home wasn’t worth it.
"I took a job at a local bank for a couple of years until I was finally able to become a stay at home mother, which is the best job EVER!! That is why I LOVE working for The Binion Group. I get to enjoy the challenges that medical transcription offers without the sacrifice of time away from my family!"



If you are interested in becoming a transcriptionist for The Binion Group, please take the online typing test at  or and forward your results to